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Reassessing the benefits of poly bags

Poly bags or more familiar to consumers as plastic bags are the most common type of packaging used in just about every industry for different types of application. Although paper bags are gaining widespread acceptance as eco-friendly means of packaging and carrying items, poly bags are still very popular among many grocery stores and many types of retail outlets. Poly bags are facing huge resistance from green organizations claiming that plastic bags are environmental hazards that often find their way into the water and end up covering coral reefs. However, these poly bags are still gaining control of the packaging industries due to many reasons.

Strong and durable: Poly bags are made from polymers refined from natural gas or oil. Plastics can be made rigid and tough by chemical processes, which makes them hold heavier load while remaining very light. Poly bags are by far durable than most paper bags, which have limited load tolerance and require more of muscle assistance. Moreover, poly bags are less susceptible to rip and tear while handling that there’s a least possibility of your items scattering around.

Convenient: Plastic shopping bags are normally produced with handles for easy carriage while shopping. Obviously, they are far very useful than paper bags when rain comes. Poly bags are very effective packaging material for frozen products because they keep moisture out and preserve food for considerable length of time.

Seal-Flexible: Unlike paper bags, poly bags are flexible to closures. Many innovative ways on how to close them securely have proved to be effective. They can be closed by heat because they easily melt or flipped over by extending one edge. A zip can also be made by pressing a molded groove on one edge and a molded track on the other one. For items that need to be kept fresh or repacked, poly bags can be closed by a slide seal similar to a zipper. Another good idea to seal it is by using a strip or tie wrapped around its neck or by pulling tight a drawstring inserted around the open edge.

Printable: Poly bags are print-friendly. You can basically print anything on them including logos, slogan, trademarks and any marketing strategy signs and symbols. Because poly bags are very flexible, producing them in different colors is uncomplicated.

Sustainable: Poly bags that are totally non biodegradable are notions of the past because since the dawn of sustainable packaging, manufacturers have found means of making them less harmful to the environment. These bags are designed to be reusable even for other purposes. In fact, there are studies that show that plastics bags have less net environmental effect and require less energy to produce. Come to think of it, users have their share of responsibility in optimizing the use of poly bags and should be also held responsible in disposing them properly. 

The advantages of poly bags are unmerited to a great extent giving much emphasis to a common misconception of them being a totally environmental danger. However, environmental threat is a by-product of industrial and technological advancement not only by the production of poly bags but also by other manufacturing applications. 

Mailing tubes: Things to Know About

Transferring very important documents is not as easy and convenient as to putting them in a shipping box or mailing envelopes. The use of mailing tubes may not be as common as using boxes or envelopes, but it can be the most appropriate way of containing your artwork, blueprints, calendars, posters and other delicate documents for shipping.

What is a mailing tube?

Generally, a mailing tube is a cylindrical tube made up of cardboard, plastic or metal used to hold documents when mailing. It’s a great way of shipping large documents that won’t fit in a conventional shipping envelope. It comes in different sizes and lengths that would suit your needs. Some tubes are offered in different colors in case you want to send gifts for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. It has a removable plastic cap at each end for inserting and removing documents. Modern mailing tubes come with security caps to protect important documents from unauthorized access. Some mailing tubes have easy seal ends for faster closing.

What are the benefits of using a mailing tube?

There are documents that we deem need extra protection from unnecessary crease and damage when shipped. A mailing tube is the best option for unframed pieces of valuable artworks, which might lose their market value when damaged even in the smallest magnitude. If you have a client or a satellite office and you need to send blueprints and other very important designs, a mailing tube might do wonders. In this way, you would create an impression of someone committed to security and orderliness. Also, it might be crucial if you send your work electronically, where somebody might hack it, or with other forms of shipment that would create minor damages that are critical to the design. Mailing tubes can foster personal touch when posters, pictures, calendar or gifts are sent with them. These things lose personal and emotional value when sent through computers.

Aside from the advantages these tubes bring in mailing your paper works, mailing tubes are great alternative for storage or simple holding purposes. Engineers and architects as well as students and other designers benefit from using these tubes to hold their blueprints while in the jobsite, which have a lot of harmful elements that can damage their drawing. Most welders take advantage of the design of the mailing tube because they can use the tube to carry their welding rods with them while working. Mailing tubes can also be helpful in organizing your drawing or files in the office. You can use different colors of the tubes separating different works as to clients, purposes, dates, or whatever files management you can think of.

What are the different types of tubes?                                    

Mailing tubes are basically categorized as to the materials they are made from. Cardboard tubes are the most common type of mailing tubes. They also vary in strength according to the design and sturdiness of the cardboard used. Plastic tubes are intended for heavy protection because they are sturdier than the cardboard ones. The differences lie in their price and the environmental impact. Needless to say, plastic mailing tubes are, by far, more expensive than the cardboard tubes and disposal is more difficult than cardboard tubes, which are recyclable.

If you or your business involves mailing very important documents, you know without doubt that they can be damaged during shipping and that mailing tubes are major supplies you need in securing these documents until their final destination. Mailing tubes offer more than just protection some mailing envelopes and boxes do.

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